She Was Raped For 11 Long Years, Her Life Is Changed Now! – Shocking Story


Michelle Knight spent her more than a decade in hell. A decade of darkness was not acceptable. During the eleven unfortunate years of her life, Knight had to face all the plight that we can’t imagine.

In 2002, Knight was 21-year-old when she met a man named Ariel Castro in Cleveland. She already had a 2-year-old son when she met him. She was expecting help so that she could regain custody of her son. She thought Castro would help her, so she followed him.

Castro took her to a house. It was a room on the second floor. When they reached, he shut the door. In a second, she felt someone pushed her off a high cliff, and then she knew life was over. “You’re only gonna be here for a little while. I’m not gonna keep you that long,” Castro uttered. But then, for a long eleven years, she was tortured physically and psychologically, beaten, abused, exploited, starved and raped. For the five times, she got pregnant but lost babies due to forced abortion. Finally in 2013, she made her escape from Castro’s bars.

Michelle Knight is 34 now. But a decade of disaster has remained inside her for an entire life. She has dropped her painful story in a book Finding Me: A Decade of Darkness, a Life Reclaimed: A Memoir of the Cleveland Kidnappings. In the loving memory of her unborn babies, she has made the tattoos with five large roses covered in blood drops. She said, “Every rose is for every abortion that I had in the house.”

It’s been two years that she is out of the trap. She is a brave fighter, and there are a lot of life lessons every woman needs to learn from her.

Taken From Via NewsWeek

Michelle Knight is now known as Lilly Rose Lee. She changed her name after being rescued.