8 Super Awesome Cars And Their Unique Qualities Will Make You Go Crazy


On the off chance that we have to discuss Car, it is dependably the principal thing you might want to do when you win a lottery or when your financial balance got a steady status, Cars is no more a rearward sitting arrangement now, they can be considered as the essential needs vital for man. Be that as it may, here we say you some great autos and their one of a kind qualities.

1. Stout Scarab

This is the First Minivan whose interior can carter any user’s need and the seats are around the mounted table. This beautiful car is combined with ambient lighting and also heating controls where it makes an ideal car to stay in. This car was sold at $5000 in 1934 which can be estimated as $90000 in today’s currency rate. There were only 9 cars which were built from 1934 to 1939.



2. Rinspeed Squba

This car is Inspired by James Bond’s Lotus Esprit from The Spy Who Loved Me, the Rinspeed Squba is a lotus Elise Submarine. This car came out with open top squba, where the submarine mode fills with water and then requires occupants to breathe through scuba style diving regulates. This car can travel up to 3km/hr and on road it can reach upto 120 km/hr.



3. General Motors XP-21 Firebird III

This is one of the today’s supercar where manufacturers are trying to make such cars feel similar to fighter jets for the road.

It’s got wings, a central tail fin, air brakes, and a pair of bubble canopies. The steering is even operated via joystick.



4. Flatmobile Car with Jet Engine

The car is based on 1963 Hilman Imp and powered by the Imp’s standard 875cc engine. But due to stand forms there are various struggle from its exhaust and therefor a jet engine was fitted inside the car.