Important Things To Note Before You Let The Woman Stay On Top! OMG


Here Are Certain Important Things Which You Need To Keep In Mind Before You Let Your Women Stay On Your Top.

She Is In Control.

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At the point when the lady is on top of her man, it can be extremely fun for both sides. She is in control of practically everything – speed, control, pushing, and so forth. The man can lay back and enjoy the show.

Advantages For Heavy Weight Man

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For connections where the man is altogether heavier, the lady being on top is the most ideal approach. In the event that the man is on top, she may feel suffocated or totally weak because of his heaby body. She needs her space to feel great.

Perfect Position During Pregnancies

best position

It puts less weight on a lady’s private parts and is less demanding on her back, when pregnant. She’s conveying so much additional weight, anything to make her vibe more agreeable is a decent move.