It Looks Like A Photo Of A Beautiful Woman But Look Closer It Will Leave You Speechless!


#1 Meet The Artist Marco Grassi

Marco Grassi is an Italian artist that specializes in strange portraits.
macro grassi
#2 Look Closely

Look closely..
macro grassi
what do you see?
No..You are mistaken..this is not a real women..
This is a painting..
#3 His Technique Is unique

This is one painter that is excessive sweating talented.
macro grassi
People preferS abstract art, but this is truly impressive.

#4 The Master At Work

Here you go..
macro grassi
See Marco Grassi is born to paint.
if you had doubt if these were the paintings.. here is your proof!

#5 He Concentrates On The Little Details

When asks how he makes his paintings so realistic??
macro grassi
He says that he concentrates on all of those little details!!
The stray strands of hair, the wrinkles, the textures – all come together to make his painting look very real and beautiful.

#6 Some Of His Art Is Darker And More Abstract

macr grassi

There are example of his work that exhibit darker and more abstract undertones.
#7 He Is Making A Name For Himself In The Art World

Marco Grassi is a name you would remember.
macro grassi
He will surely have much success in his future endeavors in the world of art.