Sapna Vyas Patel’s Weight Loss Story Will Make You Go Like OMG!


We do see teenagers who is healthy or have too much weight and they get ‘teased’ by many due to the fact.
So was with Sapna Vyas Patel;who got motivated to loose her weight because of all the people around her!

she started her journey in 2009 with a crash diet. Initially, it was challenging for her to control the hunger and there was not much effectand she learned that the method doesn’t work.
In 2011, she started reading up about nutrition and workout. She got concious about what she used to eat and started to work-out which resulted in losing kilos. After that she was focused on fat reduction and body sculpting. One hour of walking and weight training worked for her.

She looked like this before..
sapna vyas

Sapna vyas -,“I was 86kgs initially and then came down to 53kgs in a year’s time. I lost 33 kgs. Even when I was fat I was very happy in my own skin. But, I was perceived more than my age and deep down somewhere it created a feeling of hurt. I didn’t like when once a stranger assumed me to be the mother of my niece and I was just 19. Such small incidences created the turmoil within. I chose not to accept the thing I could change.”
“I plan my diet in such a way that I never feel hungry. I eat almost every two hours but in a small quantity. Our body craves certain type of food when it is deprived of it. For example, avoiding sugar completely would make the body crave for it. I keep check on my protein, fat and carbs sources,” says Sapna.

She started a Facebook page to let people know and she says that more than 5 lac people have benefited from her story!!
How this chubby girl looks now will leave u jaw open!!

Present pictures..

1.sapna vyas





She definitely looks like a Bombshell and she is Ahmedabad’s Health Minister’s daughter and wants to travel the world to make people inspireabout weight loss.

To know more you can visit her facebook and istagram

#Image Source: Facebook Page Of Sapna Vyas Patel and Instagram Thread Of Sapna Vyas Patel