The Way You Hug Your Girl Friend Tells A Lot About Your Personality!! O.M.G


Hugging is a gesture of showing some kind of emotion,may be happy,sad or anything like that..Hugging is common among all the people of all age group..But The way you hug your partner reveals alot about your personality!

Here we go to 7 kind of hugs people exchange between them-

#1 Your Hand In Their Pocket-

If you put your hands in his/her pant pocket, this means that you are quite relaxed and comfortable toward your partner..

hugand that’s why you feel safe..

#2.Looking at him face to face shows genuine connection.

You people than feel that theirs eyes are your window to happiness.
You are so deeply connected that it almost scares you!
You feel that whole universe is in their eyes!

#3 You are Mine and a sign of friendship!

You guys can be a lovers/pals…If you know The person does not have to be your lover. This hug is often given to friends who you truly trust and can rely on
and nothing will break your bond.