If You Have These ‘Two Holes’ In Your Lower Back, We Have Great News For Your Life


#Venus And Apollo

Many people have visible symmetrical Indentation on their back. They are Venus Holes. They are originated by a small ligament which stretches the skin and spine.


They are considered as signs of beauty, therefore it is named aft er Venus the Roman goddess of beauty and love. Man if you have them, don’t worry!! they are called Apollo Holes.

#Two little holes

Where the two bones links at the pelvis,there are no muscles only bones.


The dimples like thing appears only when the skin stretches over the gap, thats the reason why smallhole’ appears on the skin just below the waistline.

#Genetic and curves

These indentations are hereditary in the family and is a genetic predisposition to have them.


A curve psychic and a predisposition is a mind blowing combination.
Just like those who have the charming dimples appear more attractive than others.

# Anatomy And Physiology

venus are found above the Posterior Superior Iliac Spine. This location is helpful in allowing blood flow properly allowing for hypersensitivity in the area.


They are most noticeable in athletes.

As a consequence, these cute indentations have health benefits.


They’re are a sign of good circulation and a healthy body. And listen to this: they also have s3xual benefits.

#Can They Be Acquired?
No as because there’s no muscle there, so you can’t ‘work them  through workout’.


And, if you have them and you are overweight, they will still be visible. But if you don’t and you lose weight, they won’t appear.

#Health and Beauty

basically, on top of the looks,


you have good circulation and health. It will make you a happier person!