Awesome Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting.OMG


wow! Is it really possible to loose weight without dieting?
We all would love to look slim and like celebs that too without dieting..isn’t it??

diet chart to loose weight

First goal to achieve is BMI thats BODY MASS INDEX!

BMI of normal human is in range 18.5 to 24.9 and if it exceeds 30 than its obesity!

So we must tend that our body is in normal limits.Obesity should obviously not be the case.It is a risk factor for diabetes and high blood pressure.

So our main concern is how we can achieve it?

diet chart to loose weight

Previously we used to control weight gain by restricting high fat diet but now science have proved that instead of dieting we should concentrate on high carbohydrate diet.
You must be confused,right?
We are talking about managing diet and not completely restrict it!!

I will explain you how!

diet chart to loose weight

Every food we eat has glycemic index.

Its says how easily a food you eat is absorbed by your human blood to raise blood glucose.

So,Glycemic index basically gives us knowledge or I may say opportunity to control our diet by consuming low glycemic index food items instead of dieting.We have to find such foods in indian food culture.