Healthy Relationship Habits Which Never Get Toxic


What is normal in a healthy relationship habits? Psychological research over the past few decades throws up some principles that actually go against what is traditionally considered “romantic” in a relationship.

#1. Tolerating each other’s defects

Starting of the relationship is very happening..we feel at the top of the world and yes our partner seems so logical and interesting..when we start to live under same rooftop you come to know significantly more..

Healthy Relationship Habits
After a while everything seems irritating and intolerance. But to stay and to stand for the one you love you need to tolerate each others defects.. Thats love!!

#2. Avoiding clashes

There comes a period when your feeling is not at the top of everything with your partner’s, and in circumstances like these,clashes takes place.

Healthy Relationship Habits

Try not to search for a getaway or live in a dream and make inquiries like ‘how might this happen?’ but this doesnot mean s you should fight with your partner… so avoid clashes with a hug,kiss and a smile.

#3. Over-protection and jealousy mean they just love you a lot

Over possesiveness and protection makes us really annoyed..but you must never ignore the fact that actually..

healthy relationship

your partner is afraid to loose you and is jealous if you spend your time with the third person..