O.M.G! 4,50,000 C0nd0ms Have Been Given To Rio Olympic Athletes. Here’s Why!


Olympics is all about sports. Isn’t it??

Well, guess what? It’s not! Apparently, it is also about another physical activity_S3x.This will, however, blow your mind away, is the fact that the ‘s3x’ that we talk about isn’t a game of the backgrounds.

Instead, it is about the Olympic games themselves! If we simply summarize it would be something like:

s3x is important for the athletes to perform better at the games.

You must be eager to know why..right??
Read this article to know the fact!!

Rio Olymipcs

rio olympics

The Rio Olympics gives us serious entertainment but it is not the only thing its giving us!

And these are the heroes behind it!

rio olympics

These heroic boys are roaming around and giving c0nd0ms to the one who needs it..

And it turns out that athletes do need a lot of s3x!

rio olympics

And here’s the reason..

rio olympics
These athletes need to experience serious strain due to their them through training, as well as the new paparazzi taking after.All this leads to a lot of pressure being exerted on them.

And what better stress-buster, right?

rio olympics

It’s likewise a good approach to go through that unused energy that may stay over because of a deviation from their preparation plan that they had been taking after while planning for the Olympics.

It’s good to see so many people opting for safe s3x!

rio olympics