OMG- Anaconda Found On The Streets Of Bengaluru


1.Yes, a huge and scary anaconda was found right in the middle of a Bengaluru street with a human hand inside its mouth,

anaconda found in bengalure

slithering up a pothole..The lack of proper drainage systems has taken to the city. The potholes remain water logged causing never ending traffic jams and water borne diseases like malaria and dengue.

2.The Namma Bengaluru Foundation (NBF), an NGO in Bengaluru came up with this big life size anaconda. As crocodile on Bengaluru streets was not enough to scare people and..

anaconda found in bengalure

 get their attention towards civic issues in the city.Thank to God it was not real..

3.In June,a artist from Bengaluru spent Rs 6,000 from his pocket to create the model of life-sized crocodile. It sometimes scared the motorists and the civic authorities.
anaconda found in bengalure As expected from the citizens, This experiment gained.. a lot of social media attention as well.