10 Worst WWE Moments That Depressed Every Fan


WWE is fun and very interesting to watch and it has been in controversies since the very beginning.

We all know that it is scripted but still there are a few moments which are better not rememered.
Now who wants to remember depressing moments about their favourite wwe stars! Well no one!

 Here are 10 Worst WWE Moments That Depressed Every Fan :

1.Muhammad Hassan and The Undertaker

Worst WWE Moments

Muhammad Hassan was best known for his appearance in WWE. But none can change what is coming and as his misfortune, he was discontinued from playing in WWE as rumour were that he was involved in a terrorist attack.

2. The invasion story-line


WWE was on the highest point of the North-American wrestling street in 2001. But soon enough, the viewers were given a disgusting looking storyline that was over once the WCW died.

3. Steve Austin turns heel

Worst WWE Moments

Amid Wrestlemania 17, the organization was doing a switch for wrestler Stone Cold.Austin’s character got ugly. They changed the character “Rattler” into a whiny corporate boss which was not preferred by the population.