Researchers Have Found An Easy Way To Make Your Love Life A Lot More Interesting!


Your involvement with your love life is a result of various factors. Some emotional, some physical. There are many people who feel that physical Intimacy is as important as emotional closeness. Keeping in mind not everybody may concur with us, it is consistent with some degree. Having a close intimacy with your partner sometimes forms the basis of a happy relationship. This, in any case, applies only if s3x is equally important to both the people in the relationship.
There are a many factors that influence one’s s3xual coexistence. Now and then it can be your level of contribution (or the absence of it), now and again it’s your affection, here and there it’s the connection you impart to your mate and once in a while it just relies on upon how kind you are.

Yes! There’s study that says nice people have a satisfied love life. Confused?

Don’t be confused friend..we are here to solve your problems!!

An Easy Way To Make Your Love Life A Lot More Interesting

A study published in the British Journal of Psychology recommends that there is direct association amongst altruism and s3x. For this study, a survey was conducted with total of 192 women and 105 men.They answered few questions about their altruistic habits. The questions like how often they donated blood, spent for charities or helped their neighbours. After  they also opened up and shared their experience on their s3xual histories. On comparing their responses, it was found that people who got higher on the altruism survey were likely to have a good s3x life.

An Easy Way To Make Your Love Life A Lot More Interesting

While many of you may consider it as just another research,but we would like you to know that people who have the combination of the above two factors have been more satisfied, but also content in life.

If not for your lovemaking sessions, you can consider this to live a better life as a better person. Either way, you won’t be disheartened!