7 Bollywood Stars Who Publicly Confessed Thay Had One Night Stand


‘One-Night Stand’ is a western trend which has gained popularity among the youth in the nation in recent past years.

It is considered as taboo among Indians now a days.As far as Bollywood is concerned ‘One-Night Stand’ is very common phenomena And they have confessed it openly.

Here are some celebs who have had one night stand and have literally confessed it:

1. Yup, the one who is projected as ‘flirt’, Ranveer Singh.

one night stand

In a conversation with Coffee With Karan that he admitted that he had one night stands.

2. Sexy, stunning and beautiful Sunny Leone, not a surprise.

one night standIt is not surprising at all.. right people!!  We know that even Sunny has enjoyed the occasional fling.

3. Shocking confession about her ‘One Night Stand’

one night stand

Everyone was shocked when she revealed that she met the love of her life. That means  Krishna, as a result of a one-night stand! OMG!! Who knew this!!

4. Serial kisser, where do you think he got his skills from?

one night stand

Heart throb,the kissing guy Emraan Hashmi confessed that the thing he misses the most about being single is the one-night stands.

5. Sherlyn Chopra.

one night stand

Sherlyn confessed that she had the best night of her life, but she also found true love as a result of her fling.

6. Our very own comedian – Krishna Abhishek.

one night stand

It is clear from wife Kashmira’s statement that Krishna did involve in a one-night stand with her, which led to love.

7. The ‘desi boy’, Suyaash Rai.

one night stand

In his recent confession, suyaash said not only did he have one-night stands; but he also got paid for them as much as Rs 40,000 for a night.