Omg! Ranveer Recreats Shah Rukh’s ‘Tu Mere Samne’ And The Video Is Going Viral!


Ranveer singh is true entertainer and he is amusing his fans and celebs with his jolly and entertaining nature.He is a powerhouse of entertainment who ensures each time he faces the camera, he just ends up entertaining people with funny acts.

This is how Ranveer recreated the song and he just nailed it.

Ranveer Recreats Shah Rukh's 'Tu Mere Samne'

The actor is presently in Switzerland vacation and is entertaining us by posting envy-inspiring posts of his vacation on Twitter.

Recently he recreated a song of Shah Rukh Khan, ‘Tu Mere Samne’ from the movie ‘Darr’ and posted it on his Twitter. Since then, he is getting all the ‘wows’, not only from his fans but also from Bollywood King Khan himself.

Don’t miss the super entertaining video of Ranveer Singh in the end!! And choose which is best!


# The video is going viral. Thousands of people retweeted and liked the video!!Ranveer Recreats Shah Rukh's 'Tu Mere Samne'


# This is how Shah Rukh Khan reacted to Ranveer’s post.

Ranveer Recreats Shah Rukh's 'Tu Mere Samne'

# Ranveer’s overwhelming happiness.

Ranveer Recreats Shah Rukh's 'Tu Mere Samne'