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People of old age thinks they are too old to do they literally think that travelling..working,etc will take away there lives.. lol.. isn’t it!! But here is a women who will prove that “AGE IS JUST A NUMBER“…

Meet Elena Galvez, hailing from Chile..

This 90-year-old woman cycles 30 km every day and has become quite a legend in her area…

A 90-Year-Old Woman Cycles 30 Km Everyday

But why? 

This 90 years young Elena Galvez lives alone with her hens in the dusty rural suburb of Cerrillos in Chile. She pedals 18 kms daily to sell her Hens’ Eggs as the only source of income is from the Hens, 4 Cows and a Calf in her house.

In fact, she has been a source of inspiration to many people.

One of her neighbours said this:

It’s a treasure. At her age, having her in Cerrillos, with her activity, with what she says. She’s a woman who’s excellent to have in town.

Watch it out..